Almost in Antarctica

I planned to write a new entry today, and it looks like I’m not going to have time — but I could not wrench myself away from my wi-fi connection without sharing photographic evidence of what I learned yesterday, which is that there are PENGUINS in South Africa. Did everyone else know this (probably yes)? Because I had no idea. There is an absolutely beautiful beach about an hour outside of Cape Town that has actual Penguins living on it. When I looked at a map, I realized that Cape Town is actually kind of close to Antarctica, but still — I had no idea. And I was very excited to find out!







5 thoughts on “Almost in Antarctica

  1. That’s amazing. And you know those penguins are clowning their Antarctician relatives like New Yorkers do their Bama cousins.

  2. Elana dear:

    I enjoyed hearing from you and seeing the pictures. I’m delighted you are having a good time. Please continue to send blogs and pictures of your adventure – it makes it so interesting –
    Lots of love

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