Can’t get enough of those penguins

After my previous entry, you’re probably not all that excited about penguins anymore. But I still am, so I’m going to write more about them.

The penguins that I visited live near Simons Town, which took about an hour and a half to get to on the train from Cape Town. The train ride was very pleasant, especially since for the last half hour or so, the view out the train window looked like this:



Simon’s Town itself is a really pretty town, with lots of colonial architecture and a lot of cute shops. All of the shops are decorated in a beachy-shabby chic style and have names like “Saltwater.” All in all, a little kitschy, but nice and fun to walk around in.




The penguins live on a beach that’s about a half hour’s walk from the town. The main beach area where they live is fenced off, but accessible by boardwalks so that you can see them very close. I probably spent about an hour just walking on the boardwalks and looking at the penguins — they are a lot of fun to watch! These are some of my favorite photos (including one outside submission all the way from New York — see if you can guess which ones are the New York penguins):








Penguins usually mate for life — check out these little lovebirds


This guy may have been confused about his inability to fly


And this one was my absolute favorite. He was just taking a nice stroll on the beach.



After fawning over the penguins for a while, I walked to the next beach over, where you can lie out and swim, and there are also a few penguins living there. Just in case you’re not already maxed-out on beautiful beach/view photos, here are a few more taken from that beach (at least I think … I will confess that it gets a little hard to keep track of which photos were taken from where).






I have lots more to share from the past few days, so will hopefully catch up more tomorrow. Up next: Cape Town townships, Robben Island, and Dolphins.


5 thoughts on “Can’t get enough of those penguins

  1. First chance to view the blog. Looks and sounds like you’re having a wonderful time. Your dad and I had a great time playing golf and staying at Leon’s condo. I have never seen him hit a golf ball as well. Back to your trip. Your infatuation is with Penquins probably comes from Harold. I don’t know how much you remember, but he had letters from President’s about penquins. Anyway, have fun!

  2. Love the blog. Great photos! I’m sitting at my desk in a grey London in the middle of an open place office on the 23rd floor having just spent an hour trying to navigate the underground commuting to the office. I’m now scrolling through your photos and feeling like I’m actually on a beach in South Africa.

  3. SO with you on the penguins–but for John asking repeatedly, “have we had enough of the penguins yet?!” I could’ve stayed to watch them all day…

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