Namibia –> Botswana

Today is my last day in Namibia, and the country has been fantastic, except for its lack of working wi-fi. I’ve written a few blog entries about the past few weeks but haven’t found the bandwith to post them yet (in fairness to Namibian internet, my inability to cut down the number of photos I’m posting is probably not helping). So, will hopefully catch up soon — in the meantime, here’s my proof of life for the week:




2 thoughts on “Namibia –> Botswana

  1. Hey, now I really miss Namibia!:-) And I’ve completely forgotten about the wifi, ha, ha. Are you going back to our wonderful lodge in the Okavango Delta? If you do so, please bring heartily greetings from Switzerland for me, ok? Lots of love from Conny

    • I thought of you at the hotel in Windhoek and how we went to dinner and it was pouring! I did go back to the Delta and it was just as amazing as I remembered … you should visit again! That coffee shop that we loved in Maun is gone, though 😦 Amos still works at Moremi but was on a break when I was there, so I didn’t get to see him, but a lot of the other people were the same as well. They remembered us and said hi to you and Noelle!

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