Still alive (just in case there was any doubt)

Today I received my third email with the subject line “are you still alive?” or some variation thereof, so I figured it was time to clarify šŸ™‚ I know I have become severely delinquent in my blogging the past few weeks — in my defense, in the past five weeks (give or take) since I left Vic Falls, I’ve been on eleven planes and seven 8+-hour bus rides, and slept in nineteen different beds, two tents, one overnight plane, and one hammock (Dar Es Salaam, where trying to sleep in the room was so unbearably hot that getting devoured by mosquitos on the hammock outside the room actually seemed desirable). As you can imagine, that has not left me with much quality time with my ipad.

I arrived in Gaborone yesterday and started my volunteer stint at UNICEF today, so now I’ll actually be staying in one place for a couple of months, and am officially re-committing to getting and staying up to date on my blogging. In the meantime, here’s a very quick update on what’s happened since my last post — more details and of course more photos to follow soon:

Northern Ethiopia — amazing history, culture, food, churches, and mountains!











The Kenyan coast (Mombasa & Diani) — more history, more flowers, and camels on the beach






A very exciting visit from Daniel, which included the best safari I’ve been on (lions and cheetahs and giraffes, oh my!, and that doesn’t even do it justice) and a quick trip to Zanzibar








All in all, a fantastic and very eventful five weeks šŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Still alive (just in case there was any doubt)

  1. Your photographs are wonderful! Tell us a little about the work you’re doing. You and Daniel look so happy to be together, not too common between sibs. I

    We look forward to your next entry.

  2. Wow, very very cool… I don’t get why you think you can just go on experiencing life without us! You pulled us into this experience with your great writing style and wonderful images. Mosquitos and hammocks are no excuse, your ipad should work via satellite. Come on get with the program, you fans await. ;^)
    But really, it looks like your having a wonderful time and a lot of once in a lifetime experiences. Remember to take a deep breath and try to engrane the moments in your mind for future retrieval, it’s going by really, really fast!!!
    Love from us all here, BTW, I resent you a link to the Jerusalem Blog so your access should be back up now. Just e-mail if you still have access problems.
    Again, Love from us all, do good important and smart work, where ever you can.
    Barrie, Simon and the entire Jacob gang…

  3. Hi Elana – I just got your link and love seeing all about your trip. Have a great time and enjoy your volunteering.
    Love Liffie

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