Safari Series: Hungry hungry hippos

You would be hungry too if you were sustaining a body weight of three to nine thousand lbs on an all-grass diet. Hippos eat about 90 lbs of it each night (if they can find it — in the dry season they are capable of going days or even weeks without food), which actually is not very much considering their size.

I know I already posted lots of hippo pics from Botswana in April, so I won’t bore you with too many more, but our hippo sightings in Serengeti were exciting because we saw so many hippos outside of the water, which is pretty unusual during the day. Every time I see one I am taken aback by how massive it is. Given how huge their bodies are and how short their legs are, it’s hard to imagine that they can run 15 mph on land. I think I would have to see it to believe it, although running hippo = angry hippo = bad situation, so maybe a video will have to suffice.




Daniel hippo-watching:



We also spotted this little baby, keeping its head above water by resting on mom (look just above the right side of the leaves that are floating in the water):


Proof that baby anything is cute.


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