Safari Series: All Things Feathered

I’ve never identified myself as being “into” birds, but the more time that I spend here, the more that I grow to appreciate the beauty and diversity of the birds that I see, both on safari and in everyday life. In addition to being easy on the eyes, birds have provided a (usually) lovely and ever-changing soundtrack for much of my trip — filling the void left by my cranky-when-wet iphone.

Birds are difficult to photograph because they’re often small and prone to flying off mid-photo. It doesn’t help that I usually use the wrong camera setting to take pictures of them (working on it!). My point is that these photos really don’t do justice to the birds that we saw, but at least I can give you an idea.

Ostriches were one of the first birds that we spotted, and although I wouldn’t call them “beautiful,” they are definitely fun to watch, with their strange movements and oddly-balanced bodies. If you’re looking to make a viral video, I’m convinced that two ostriches set to “Walk Like an Egyptian” would be an instant hit. I would do it myself if I had (1) video-editing software and (2) any idea how to use said software.







A vulture looking out over the savannah in Serengeti:


Marabou storks, preening and watching the hippos with us:




I can’t remember what any of these ones are called, but they’re making it into the post anyway because I think they’re interesting-looking. I especially love the color on the yellow one.





We saw tons of these birds in Serengeti. They are called Superb Starlings and are amazingly iridescent in person.



Here’s one stealing a snack at our picnic area in the Crater, alongside a helmeted guinea fowl, another (funnier-looking) bird that we saw a lot of.


A Crowned Crane in the Ngorongoro Crater, after I figured out how to photograph birds (or possibly just after I found a bird large and slow-moving enough to suit my photography skill level).



And last but not least, flamingoes! Beautiful to look at on their own; absolutely stunning against the Crater landscape.






5 thoughts on “Safari Series: All Things Feathered

  1. the pictures are amazing – an artist would be in heaven… the blue in the backdrop is, as you know, my favorite color…
    meanwhile, have fun and be safe…

  2. These pictures are really spectacular! Olivia (next door to me) convinced me to finally leave a comment instead of just stalking your blog, which what I typically do. I’m really enjoying your posts and all the wonderful detail you provide. Thanks so much.

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