Daniel in Africa, Part Four: Nungwi –> Dar

After our whirlwind tour of Stone Town, Daniel and I headed north to Nungwi, which was about a two hour drive.




Nungwi has some of the nicest beaches in Zanzibar. We only had one day to spend there, but we were able to pack a lot of relaxing on the beach time into that one day 🙂







We had a somewhat-eventful drive back to Stone Town the next day, which involved bribing a traffic cop, followed by a ferry ride from Stone Town to Dar es Salaam, followed by an even-more-eventful trip from the ferry to our hotel. I made the mistake of booking us in a place that turned out to be almost an hour’s drive from the city, and the traffic was so bad that our taxi driver changed his mind about taking us there and dropped us off at yet another ferry instead. We had no idea what was going on and initially refused to get out of the cab, but thanks to helpful translation from a guy who was parked next to us, we successfully navigated our way through the other ferry and one more taxi to get to our accommodation for the night.



Sadly, that was the end of Daniel’s trip — he flew home to NY the next morning and I headed south towards Botswana. Thanks for the visit, Danny!


3 thoughts on “Daniel in Africa, Part Four: Nungwi –> Dar

  1. You both look so relaxed it makes me want to get out there and be with you. What money was involved with the ‘bribe’… American dollars, I’ll betcha ! Not so uncommon, reminds me of when I bribed a guard in Moscow to get into Lenin’s tomb without the 3 hour wait !

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