Real Time

In mid-June, when I was writing blog entries about places I’d been in mid-April, I promised myself that I would catch up before leaving Gaborone, and I came very close to succeeding — hence, the flood of new posts in late June. Then, I promised myself that I would blog at least once a week in July and August to avoid falling behind again. That promise was less successful, as you may have noticed (that is, if “you” are related to me and therefore obsessively tracking my whereabouts; the rest of you probably haven’t noticed).

I didn’t actually realize just how pathetic my July blogging has been until I logged on to the main page of the blog this morning and saw this (note that February only included one week):


July has been a tough month for blogging because I’ve been traveling almost nonstop (never more than two nights in one place) and haven’t spent much time on my own (it is generally considered rude to suggest “you watch me type on my ipad” as an activity for a travel buddy). And of course I have to mention the constant challenge of tracking down working wi-fi, especially in some of the areas that I’ve visited this month.

Putting aside all of those practical issues, I’ve also been finding that in my sixth and final month in Africa it’s difficult for me to set aside time for just hanging out / reflecting / appreciating internet access when I have it. In March and April, I felt like I would be here forever and I was happy to park myself for a day or two in any spot with wi-fi and a nice view. Now, with just a few weeks left of traveling before I head home, I feel like I need to wrest as much seeing and doing and experiencing as possible out of every last minute. It’s funny, because in my normal world three weeks always seemed like an impossibly long vacation, and now it seems like no time at all.

On that note, I’ve only allocated myself a few more minutes of blogging before I’m heading out to the Victoria Falls to feel them rain on me one more time (with all of my electronic devices safely plastic-wrapped for once), and so far I’ve spent more time talking about not catching up than actually catching up. So, a quick update on what I’ve been up to in July, with more details to follow soon:

I left Gaborone the first day of July (bittersweet) and took a bus to Johannesburg, where I met up with another overland tour group. From Joburg, we drove through Swaziland (view: mostly sugar plantations), where we stopped for two nights in a national park (yes, that means more photos of animals are coming, but I will try to keep them to a minimum this time :)).




After Swaziland, we spent a little over a week traveling around Mozambique, which has an interesting history, an abundance of beautiful beaches, and great snorkeling.




I got to turn 30 on this island …


… and to continue celebrating back on the mainland with new friends and local rum (where there are sugar plantations…)


When we left Mozambique, we spent two days at Kruger National Park in South Africa, visited a wildlife sanctuary in the area, and explored some of the spectacular scenery that SA has to offer before returning to Joburg.







From Joburg, I made my way back through Botswana with a friend from the Mozambique tour to revisit some places that I wanted to see again, and then spent this last week traveling around Zimbabwe before landing back in Vic Falls last night. No post-Joburg photos available at the moment due to more technical difficulties, but I’m hoping to have that fixed later this week.

On the calendar for August: back to Joburg to fly to Kigali for two days, and then to Nairobi where I’ll pick up another tour through Kenya (parts I haven’t seen yet) and Uganda (including seeing mountain gorillas!). On the to-do list for August: seriously, I will catch this blog back up before I come home.


10 thoughts on “Real Time

  1. a lot of travelling but now is the time to do it – enjoy and we can’t wait to have you home.
    Love, Mom

  2. Sounds like you are having an amazing time. Enjoy every minute and don’t worry about blogging maybe make notes and put it together when you are home. Can’t wait to see you and hear all about this spectacular trip. Miss you. Love, Auntie Lou xoxox

  3. i will be following your blog , i happen to be from Botswana and always really interesting to read and know what other people think of Africa in general, I happen to be very passionate about my country…

      • i am happy so far and i am still reading…

        cool staff and hope you have wonderful time in Africa

        it is good to read about the beauty of Africa for once not about poverty and all the negative staff , ….

        i loved what you wrote about Swaziland….

        thank you

  4. I missed this blog and I am so happy I went back and am looking at it now. What a terrific place to turn 30 – the picture is marvelous ! I just can’t get over the different landscapes – blue water, mountains !, desert, scenic views, open plains and of course the animals, which are amazing !

    Love, Sim.

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