Bush Babies

A selection of Kenyan, Ugandan, and South African adorableness from the past two months.












6 thoughts on “Bush Babies

  1. What no wildebeests???
    Love you, Simon
    ps. Just kidding about the wildebeests comments! I feel like I have made this trip with you too. Thanks for all the on the scene reporting and bravo for the recent experimental use of video. You truly get the mass migration feeling across, wow! Again, thank you, Barrie, Simon and the entire gang.

    • No worries, I know you’re joking! I’m so glad that you’re still enjoying it! I’m leaving this week and trying to catch you up a bit in my last few days, because I’ve seen so many more interesting and amazing things during this last month. Looking forward to talking about it in person soon!

  2. They are all so cute it’s hard to pick a favorite ! I’m leaning towards the elephant, the giraffe and the lion cubs but ALL of them are most adorable !

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